This historical Sikh Exhibition including Sikh Relics of Dr. Chanan Singh Chan Sandhu, PhD of London who was requested by the Management of the Khalsa Diwan Society to obtain Guru Gobind Singh Ji Holy Armours and Khande of Baba Deep Singh (Amrit Sanchar only) from the British Museum England along with paintings of by prominent Artists English and American such as Mr. John Spence, Paul Peter and Mr. Lankan, etc., which are relating to Sikh Holocaust of June, 1984 in the Golden Temple and Akal Takhat also genocide of Nov., 1984 soon after the murder of Mrs. Ghandi in Delhi.

At the request of the Khalsa Diwan Society of Vancouver, Mr. C. S. Chan Sandhu brought this grand Sikh Historical Exhibition from England by Air on the eve of Baisakhi 1985. Many Sikh Societies of B.C. approached to the Khalsa Diwan Societies Vancouver as to exhibit this in their Gurdwares. At this Exhibition work was entrusted to S. Daljit Singh Sandhu, Amrik Singh Hundul and Hardeep Singh Sidhu a student of University B.C. and covered B.C. and Alberta provinces. Thereafter World Sikh Organization held a Convention in P.N.E. Vancouver on May 2526, 1985 attended by all the delegates of Canada as well as Mr. Didar Singh Bains, President of W.S.O., and others from U.S.A. including Dr. G. S. Aulak, etc., and this exhibition was installed in the P.N.E. Vancouver which was witnessed by more than five thousand people including Press Reporters and Members of MP. And P.P.A.etc., ete. Sardar Gyan Singh Sandhu, President of W.S.O. Canada and S. Inderjit Singh Bal Toronto highly appreciated this noble cause of the Sikhs and W.S.O. extended its all support to make it a great success in North America with a motive to establish our Museum and Intl. Libraries of the Sikhs in North America. Accordingly Dr. C. S. Chan and S. Daljit Singh Sandhu took this Exhibition to Toronto June 1, 1985 and remained there till June 3, 1985. Thereafter Dr. C. S. Chan Sandhu left for U.K. and all this exhibition work was _ entrusted to Mr. Dalit Singh Sandhu and Lachman Singh Aujla with kind management of S. Inderjit Singh Bal. After exhibiting in all major gurdwares of Ontario and Qubeic this was brought to Winnipeg (Manitoba) on June 28, 1985 and remained till July 1, 1985, which was exhibited in all Gurdwares. So far more than 15,000 Sikhs of Canada and many prominent Canada Govt. Representatives including M.P.P. and M.P.s witnessed this Exhibition and shown on the Television in Cambridge (Ont.). This is also being shown in Television in Winnipeg. Our many thanks are to Dr. C. S. Chan Sandhu, S. Joginder Singh Sidhu, President W.S.O. and Inderjit Singh Bal including S. Daljit Singh Sandhi and Lachman Singh Aujla who performed this Seva to the best interest of all of us. We also urge Dr. Sandhu, W.S.O. and Khalsa Diwan Society to establish Sikh Museum and Intl. Library in North America.


Sukhdev Singh Brar

President, W.S.O.,

(Manitoba) Winnipeg


Gureshwar Singh

Vice President,

Central Region, W.S.O.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 12, 1985