NEW DELHI, India: Indian President Ramaswamy Venkataraman approved a controversial bill allowing the government to suspend basic liberties to quell a bloody separatist campaign in Punjab.

ISLAMABAD: President Najibullah’s Soviet backed government, which rebels say controls only 20 per cent of Afghanistan, on Tuesday holds elections branded a gimmick by the guerrillas and their western backers. In New Delhi, U.S. Deface Secretary Frank Carlucci arrived for talks expected to focus on Afghanistan and technological cooperation.

LONDON: The Soviet Union conducted an underground nuclear test early on Sunday, the Soviet news agency Tass reported.

“The test was made for purposes of further improving military equipment”, « Tass said in a dispatch monitored by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

It ‘said the underground nuclear explosion of 20 to 150 kilotons’ was detonated in the area around Semipalatinsk, in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

KUWAIT: Arab Justice Ministers called on Monday for international protection of Palestinians in Israel’s occupied territories, where Israeli authorities have been trying to quell an uprising for nearly four months.

At the end of a three day meeting, the ministers called on the world community to pressure Israel into respecting the Geneva Convention on treatment of civilians under occupation.

At least 132 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier have died in the uprising in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

WASHINGTON, April 4, Reuter: Two World Bank loans totaling 610 million dollars will help India’s efforts to reform its industrial and financial sectors and to meet its growing demand for housing, the lending agency said on Monday

The bank said those three years ago, India began implementing industrial and financial reforms that place greater emphasis on market forces.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 8, 1988