BEIRUT: A shadowy group holding three Americans and an Indian in Lebanon made a fresh demand on Friday for a positive US. Response to its call for recognition of Palestinian rights “We are ready after any positive development or answer to determine the arrangements and steps for the families of the hostages to end the issue,” the Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine said in a statement.

TOKYO: Japan’s critically ill emperor Hirohito, aged 87, continued to deteriorate despite an extra blood transfusion but remained conscious, palace officials said. About 24,000 people kept vigil in pouring rain outside the imperial palace in central Tokyo, many kneeling in prayer. The emperor has suffered internal bleeding since Friday.

MOSCOW: Soviet regular army units patrolled the Armenian capital Yerevan after huge crowds again staged protests over the disrupted region of Nagorno karabakh. But a spokesman at Yerevan Radio said there were no troops in opera square, the focal point of protest rallies during the past seven months, where large crowds massed on Friday night.

PORT—AU—PRINCE: The Government of General Prosper Avril announced a third batch of army retirements as an uneasy calm settled on Haiti after almost a week of civil unrest and military rebellion.

RANGOON: Burma’s military leaders promised to give up power soon, saying they want people to be loyal to whichever government wins general elections. Opposition leaders announced the formation of a united front to continue their struggle for democracy and push for elections run by an interim government.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 30, 1988