The World Sikh Organization (WSO) of Canada’s National Executive met here in Ottawa to discuss policy and organizational matters.

In order to speed up the communication process among the Sikhs, the WSO of Canada was formed at the all Canada Sikh Convention held in Toronto on December 1, 1984. Its primary objective is to coordinate the activities of all Sikhs and Sikh organizations; and to work towards achieving the aspirations of the Sikh Nation for a sovereign state Khalistan, in order to protect the Sikh identity and faith as ordained by the GURU PANTH.

In pursuit of its objectives, the WSO of Canada is committed to conducting its activities in a peaceful manner while cherishing and respecting the legal and democratic frame work of Canada.

The National Executive of WSO noticed lack of concern expressed by the Canadian Government and the media about the continuing and the blatant denial of the human and civil rights of the Sikhs in Punjab and other parts of India.

The Canadian Sikhs plead for action by our Canadian government, media, and the public at large to help restore human rights and democratic freedoms for the Sikhs in India.

The family members, relatives and coreligionists of the Canadian Sikhs are living in fear in Punjab under the arbitrary powers of arrest and detention by the Indian government. Untold atrocities, tortures, killings of the Sikhs, particularly of the Sikh Youth are being committed by the Indian government. Trials under draconian laws where the accused is presumed guilty and onus is on the accused to prove his innocence are making a mockery of justice and democratic rights of the Sikhs.

These tragic events are taking place well hidden from the free world under censorship of news from Punjab. Foreign media is not allowed into Punjab and the homeland of the Sikhs remains off limits to all foreigners.

We urge the Canadian government, media and all Canadians to assign and support our struggle for human, democratic and religious rights for the Sikhs in India by undertaking and calling for investigation of the plight of Sikhs by the international media and other impartial bodies.

The Canadian Sikhs have full faith in the responsiveness of our democratic institutions, media and our fellow Canadians to respond positively to our call for fundamental freedoms and justice for the Sikhs in India.

If the atrocities committed by the Indian government in Punjab are not as severe and of the same nature as the recent pogrom of Sikhs outside of Punjab, there is no reason for this veil of secrecy.


Article extracted from this publication >>  March 8, 1985