In view of the brutal genocide of Sikhs in India, the W.S.O. has been fairly active in the month of December, 1984. The victims of looting and arson have been Sikh Shrines, homes, shops, taxis and factories. As per News Reports, this was done by Hindu mobs incited by the Congress (1) with the open connivance of the police and the Army. Sikhs were pulled out of buses, trains, cars and taxis and burnt alive. Reliable sources put the death toll to about 15,000 Sikhs. More than 100,000 innocent Sikhs have been rendered orphans, and have taken refuge in camps. To add insult to injury financial help from abroad was denied to helpless victims. However, with considerable effort some money was sent through Salvation Army and diplomatic channels to purchase medicines, food and warm clothing for the sufferers.

On hearing the news, the W.S.0. Immediately sent telegrams to the leaders of the World Community, United Nations Secretary General, International Red Cross, Amnesty International and other Human Rights Organizations, urging the ruling regime of India to stop the genocide, apprehend the criminals, order independent judicial inquiry under the supervision of international jurists. Press statements were issued to condemn the atrocitis.

The government of India falsely implicated S. Harinder Singh I.F.S., (who resigned as Charge d’ Affairs of India to Norway, in June 1984) in Indira Gandhi assassination case. The W.S.O. immediately contacted the Norwegian authorities who assured us that under no circumstances they will succumb to the pressure of government of India. Other international organizations were also informed of the development.

 The President of the W.S.0., S. Didar Singh Bains has kindly agreed to pay $5,000 per month to a lobbyist hired on behalf of the organization who is based in Washington, D.C. American W.S.O. Delegates assembled in Chicago, on November 22 and November 23, to discuss the draft constitution of the organization. On their recommendation decision was taken to hold the meeting for approval of constitution in the first week of January 1985. This would give adequate time to consider suggestions, if any. The decision to move the head office of the organization to Washington, D.C., for greater liaison with U.S. Government, Congressman and the Diplomatic Corps was taken. Hence, the headquarters of the W.S.O. has moved to the new address and telephone (1111, Arlington Boulevard, River Place West, 904, Arlington, Virginia 22209 — (703) 525-0358. A small office is however, being retained at 1133 Broadway, Room #1425, New York, New York 10010.

The local chapter of the W.S.O. at Los Angeles has initiated a drive to increase the membership of the organization; which has been very successful.

 The New Jersey Gurdawara has sought the institutional membership of the W.S.0. and donated $11,000.

The Youth Wing of the W.S.O. New York donated $11,000 for the organization and pledged full support. On this occasion, the President and the Secretary General thanked the New York sangat, particularly the Youth Wing.

10,000 Sikhs assembled at Abbets Ford (B.C.) Canada on the 8th of November from all over Canada, and pledged support to the W.S.0. The event was widely publicized by the Canadian media.

 A large number of Sikhs were baptized at the Amrit Parchar Camp held at Chicago on 22/23 November ’84.

Individual members of W.S.O. held a meeting at Toronto, where they decided to have a general body and regional councils in Canada to expedite the messages of the W.S.O. to the Sikh sangat and enroll new members.

 Lists of regional Councils for California have been published and circulated to all concerned.

From the Office of the Secretary General


Report of W.S.O. Religious and Educational Committee

The Committee met at Chicago November 24, 1984 and discussed the following items:

(a) Establishment of World Sikh Religious and Educational Trust. Dr. Ranbir Singh Sandhu was entrusted with the task of preparing a blueprint for the trust.

(b) Publications and distribution of literature on Sikh history and Gurbani. Dr. Harbans Singh Sraon, Dr. Gurbax Singh Gill and Bhai Manmohan Singh have been assigned the duty of taking necessary steps to do the needful in this respect.


(c) It was felt that proper relationship is necessary with the media so that correct information at the appropriate time is made available to the media. Dr. Karamjit Singh Rai has been requested to look after this very important wing.

(d) Kirtan and Dharam Parchar:

Bhai Jiwan Singh and Bhai Mohinder Singh will take care of his program. Bhai Jiwan Singh is currently available for Kirtan and Dharam Parchar. Those interested should get in touch with this committee.

(e) Amrit Parchar:

Bhai Kuldip Singh is continuing with his schedule of administering Amrit to as many Sikhs as is possible. He has al-ready conducted three sessions.

(f) Youth Educational Program:

Volunteers are required for this program. Sewadars are needed for serving on committees, raising funds and collecting books through donations. Since Sewa is regarded as the highest virtue, it should be taken up with the spirit of selflessness in the true traditions of the Sikh religion.

Other members associated with this committee are: Gyani Gurdeep Singh; Bhai Naunihal Singh; Prof. Udey Singh, Bhai Jagjiwan Singh, Bhai Ravinder Singh, Bhai Balwant Singh, Bibi Jasbir Kaur and Bhai Gurmeet Singh.

Dr. Harbans Sraon, Singh

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