The governing body of the World Sikh News Inc. places on record its deep sense of appreciation and gratitude to the management of VOICE OF SIKHS in general and S. Karamjit Singh Rai Ph.D in particular for merging their newspaper with World Sikh News. Through an enlightened and professional journalistic approach, Voice of Sikhs has rendered a singular service to the Sikh cause. Whereas World Sikh News finds itself richer and stronger with this union, it is also acutely conscious of the tremendous responsibility that has come to devolve on its shoulders. All those who have been entrusted with various functions in the World Sikh News hereby rededicate themselves with renewed vigor to make the news weekly a truly united voice of the Sikhs. World Sikh News looks forward to building up an ambitious media superstructure of the Sikhs to project and protect Sikh way of life and also to counter the mischievous distortions that are being relentlessly orchestrated by hostile quarters through a multiplicity of expensive and elaborate agencies. We sincerely hope that the lead given by VOICE OF SIKHS shall be followed by others also so that Sikh efforts are not duplicated and the plan of evolving a powerful Sikh National media platform develops fast and unhindered.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 8, 1985