As we bring into focus, by our world media efforts the need for Khalistan, we need your help in reaching the community where your influence is the greatest, with your help we can coordinate our lectures, media, public relations and events to reach our community and with your support we can increase the impact. Our United efforts and eventual victory depends upon every Sikh standing strong and together for the cause of Khalistan.

By writing us at the address below, you will be declaring your allegiance to Khalistan and we will immediately communicate with you concerning our plans and events. You can become a part of our aggressive educational and awareness campaign and to contribute in our drive towards Khalistan.

Remember today as you read this letter, some of us are dying and some are being arrested because we are fighting for our people and our homeland….. We look forward to hearing from you and to make the educated people in your community use their influence to make the world aware of the Sikh struggle. Being educated and being aware is the most effective and lasting weapon against the deceit and confusion being spread by India’s oppressive anti-Sikh government.

In conclusion, we appeal to all Sikhs to support Khalistan with a united voice, under one banner and to remember that we can only win if we are united on one common front.

We thank you for your courage and ask for your prayers.

Please write to us C/o – World Sikh News, 4545 – Georgetown Plaza, Stock- ton, Ca. 95210.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 24, 1987