JANGPUR (Ludhiana) — While the Punjab police denied that Mr. Gurjit Singh, Convener, ad hoc committee of the AISSF, has been arrested circumstantial evidence indicates that Mr. Gurjit Singh has been picked up along with some other Activists.

‘The militant organizations and even two members of the AISSF ad hoc committee, Mr. Kulwant Singh Khanna and Mr. Sheretah have alleged that Mr. Gurjit Singh and Mr. Gurjit Singh Kake, member of the five man ad hoc ‘committee, have been arrested.

The “KCF” has also alleged that Mr. Gurjit Singh was arrested from Jangpur village, 18 km from Ludhiana, on the night of May 13 from the residence of Mr. Satnam Singh, alias Sattu, an AISSF activist.

Residents of Jangpur village also say they have heard” about the arrest of Mr. Gurjit Singh from the village along with Mr. Satnam Singh.

Mr, Balbir Singh, an uncle of Mr. Satnam Singh, alias Sattu, says a strong police and CRPF party, companied by two civilians, raided their house on May 13 at about 11:30 p.m.

He confirms that his nephew, Mr. Satnam Singh and another youth were taken in custody by the police.

Balbir Singh further says he along with his nephews,: Rajinder Singh, Mr. Gurdip Singh and mater uncle, Mr. Bachan Singh, was also taken in custody. They were blindfolded and taken to an unknown place in a jeep. They were kept at that place till May 18 and were cropped at their house at Jangpur on the night of May 18.

He says during their five day stay with the police they were not maltreated.

Mr, Balbir Singh does not know whereabouts of his nephew, Mr. Satnam Singh, and the other young man ‘arrested from their house, Mr. Satnam Singh has not returned home so far. Balbir Singh denies the police found some arms and ammunition from their tube well.

‘The AISSF ad hoc committee member, Mr. Kulwant Singh and Mr. Sher Singh Sher have also alleged that Mr, Gurjit Singh Kaka was arrested on May 13 from a tea shop at Gill village.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 3, 1988