MEXICO CITY, Reuter: The World Boxing Council (WBC) has ordered heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson to hold his next defense against Briton Frank Bruno and imposed a December 4 deadline to agree terms, WBC President Jose Sulaiman said,

If terms for the bout are not agreed by the deadline, the WBC will hold a purse offer in Mexico City 10 days later, Sulaiman said in a statement issued on Thursday.

Sulaiman said Tyson’s attorney, Howard Weitzman, had informed him the fighter is fit and ready to make his mandatory defense against Bruno.

‘The bout, which has been postponed five times, was recently scratched from a January 14 date because of a dispute between Tyson’s Manager, Bill Cayton, and promoter Don King.

Cayton’s feud with the flamboyant promoter stems from a four year agreement between Tyson and King for the exclusive rights to promote the Champions fights, the deal was made without consulting Cayton who has refused to give his consent.

Sulaiman said “Controversial problems related to this bout by promoters and representatives of both boxers,” led him to consult the WBC legal committee.

The result of those consultations was a unanimous decision of the council’s executive committee to name Bruno as official challenger and set deadlines for agreeing the terms,

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Article extracted from this publication >> December 9, 1988