YUBA CITY, Ca: S. Didar Singh Bains, President World Sikh Organization (International), condemned the senseless maligning of Sikhs by the Indian government. He also condemned the raid on the Golden Temple and said that the “Indian government had made it a habit of desecrating the holiest shrine of Sikhs on frivolous excuses”. Dr. Manohar Singh Grewal,

President World Sikh Organization (U.S.A.) said in a press release that the Indian government’s mock airline hijacking using four government security men posing as Sikhs is another attempt to malign Sikhs as “terrorists” and “separatists” and to create hatred against the Sikhs, not only in India but also in the world. This exercise shows the real face of India’s fascist regime which is following a systematic policy to exterminate Sikhs and other minorities in India.

World Sikh Organization condemns Indian government’s act of deliberately painting Sikhs as hi

jackers and “terrorists” who are out .o kill innocent people and blowing up planes. If the Indian government can go that far to malign Sikhs, it is now easy to understand that the killing of bus passengers was also masterminded by the Indian government to tarnish the Sikh image and cause rift between Hindus and Sikhs in India. It is noteworthy that none of the killers of the innocent people has been tried and found guilty in the court of law. This shows that the Indian government is neither democratic nor secular. We appeal to all the peace loving people, free press of the world to condemn the gross violation of human rights of. Sikhs and other minorities by the government of India.

He sent the following telegram to the Indian Prime Minister with copies to AKal Takht Chief and the Tribune:

“The W.S.O. condemns the reprehensible attempt of the Indian government to malign Sikhs through the mock hijacking of Indian Airlines of flight 491A. This latest and premeditated act categorically confirms the long standing conspiracy of the government of India to destroy the well-earned reputation and positive image of the Sikhs worldwide. This act demonstrates to the whole world the depth to which the Indian government has sunk and proves that it is neither democratic nor secular. Enough is enough! Stop State ‘ terrorism to victimize and to deny them their human rights. We hold you accountable for the false propaganda against a small and peace loving religious community. Truth is on our side and we shall overcome.

In a joint statement S. Jagjit Singh Mangat and S. Baldev Singh, President and Secretary respectively of the Sikh Cultural Society, New York, and members of W.S.O. Governing Council, described the action as “a cheap drama that reflects both the immaturity of the Rajiv government as well as its congenital hatred for Sikhs”. They also condemned the latest police and paramilitary raid on the Golden Temple and described it as “another affront to the Sikh integrity and honor”.

  1. Lakhmir Singh Chima, Vice President, W.S.O. (U.S.A.), while condemning the mock hijacking and the raid ‘on the Golden Temple said that “instead of the much publicized “healing touch” the Indian government was pouring salt over Sikh wounds. These actions show that Rajiv has become a prisoner of the fundamentalist Hindus”, he said.
  2. Amarjit Singh Buttar, member W.S.O. National Council; said that he was shocked but not surprised as the Indian government was bent upon destroying the Sikh image.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 23, 1987