New Delhi — Wailing widows relived their horror as Mr. Harchand Singh Longowal, the Akali Dal president came to them on Saturday to share their suffering and to comfort them. There were too many stories and too little time as the Akali leader went around Tilak Vihar, Nangloi Sultanpuri, Mangolpuri and then on to the university. Everywhere Mr. Longowal met widows, their children and visited gurdwaras built over the wreck of the old ones. Mr. Longowal was ringed by reporters, and faced by cameras wherever he went. At most places the press almost kept the widows from getting to him. But many were in tears just to see the Akali leader visiting them.

“Don’t let there be any more liked us and said a young widow at Tilak Vihar. As a few managed to speak in broken voices others sat dumbly behind, many of them weeping. Mr. Longowal spoke few words. He assured the victims that the Akali Dal was with them and would share their suffering and help them in any way they wanted. He said it was a shame the Government could not protect them in the Capital city. “In fact the Government unleashed this violence on us,’ he said at Mangolpuri. Mr. Longowal went around the burnt houses at Sultanpuri and again at Mangolpuri. Some women began to scream as he visited the gurdwara at Nangloi. Silent crowds stood and watched Mr. Longowal from the roadsides.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1985