In the Editorial in ‘‘Voice of Sikhs’ vol. 1, Number 2, dated July 29, 1984, we wrote: “As a reaction to the tragic events in Punjab, several newsletters/newspapers have recently appeared to express and promote Sikh point of view. “Voice of Sikhs” from Chicago is one such effort. Ultimately we will work towards the establishment of one major newspaper of Sikhs (perhaps one each in Canada and the United States) with clearly defined goals to promote the Sikh cause. When that happens, all other newsletters/newspapers should cease publication so as not to duplicate effort.”

The ‘Voice of Sikhs” believes that the weekly ‘‘World Sikh News, the United Voice of the Sikhs” recently established under the Sikh National Trust from Stockton, California, fulfills that need and that the ‘“‘Voice”’ should, therefore, stop publishing as a regular Newsletter and join forces with the “World Sikh News.” The ‘Voice of Sikhs” may hence forth appear irregularly as a forum for in depth analysis of certain issues facing Sikhs and for a quick dissemination of news concerning Sikh organizations from time to time if a need is felt for the same.

The Editor wishes to express his most sincere gratitude to numerous readers for their encouragement, constructive comments and financial support. Special thanks are due to the Sikh Religious Society of Chicago for their sponsorship and financial support to the “Voice of Sikhs.” The “‘Voice of Sikhs’’ strongly urges its readers to subscribe ($30.00/year) to the World Sikh News, P.O. Box 70273, Stockton, CA 95207 Tel. (209) 4737967.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 8, 1985