New Delhi — September 24; in a surprise development U.P. Chief Minister Mr. N.D. Tewari resigned reportedly at the instance of Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. He has been replaced by Mr. Vir Bahadur Singh. Mr. Singh was elected leader of the ruling Congress (I) legislative party at a specially convened meeting of the legislators. The new chief Minister is believed to be a close confidant of the Prime Minister. He has also the support of the younger generation. Mr. Tewari is likely to be inducted into the central cabinet. Rajiv Gandhi reportedly wanted a senior and experienced person in his cabinet in order to have the benefit of seasoned advice on important issues.

Selection of Mr. Singh for the most coveted Chief Minister ship in the country U.P. being the largest state shows that Rajiv Gandhi wants to bring in younger persons at the top, particularly those with a clean image. Mr. Singh is around fifty and is extremely popular with the youth wing of the congress (I) party.

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 27, 1985