* May all religions prosper but we canes tolerate the mortal attack on the Sikh faith.

* We are in favor of national integrity of the country but not as slaves.

 * Cursed is he who hears and tolerate his Guru.

 * I do not fear physical death but death of the conscience a sure death is.

* Even though my body is cut to pieces, I will continue to fight injustice.

* If we learn to die, only then do we get rid of slavery.

* May I die, for the panth and the sanctity of holy institutions.

* Live with self-respect and honor Die for the cause of the panth.

* The Indian Government is now determined to dishonor and humiliate the Sikhs but this is a dream that will never materialize.

* The entry of the police or army into the Golden Temple will lay the foundation stone of Khalistan.


Article extracted from this publication >>  November 15, 1985