Chandigarh — In a major reshuffle in the Punjab administrative set up, Mr. P.H. Vaishnav has been appointed chief secretary, it is officially learnt. Mr. Vaishnav, an IAS officer, of the 1956 batch, replaces Mr. S.S. Dhanoa, who has been appointed advisor to the Punjab Governor, along with Mr. Shiv Sarup, director general CRPF.

Mr. R. V. Subramaniam till now senior advisor to the Punjab Governor, has relinquished his charge for personal reasons, it was officially announced.

There will be some other changes also at the top level in the administration within the next few days.

The Government has been contemplating changes at the top level in Punjab for some time in the past and it was known that one or two advisers will be replaced. The Home Minister, Mr. S. B. Chavan had hinted about these changes on the day he announced the appointment of Mr. Arjun Singh as the State Governor.

Mr. Arjun Singh met the Prime Minister on Monday and reviewed the Punjab situation and also discussed the changes in the administration. Mr. Arjun Singh also apprised the Prime Minister of his assessment about the developments in the Akali ranks after the statement of Mr. Joginder Singh, father of SantJarnail Singh Bhindranwale, and its reactions among the people.

He also discussed with the Law Ministry the cases of Akalis who are to be released. Mr. Arjun Singh has been of the view that more Akalis should be released. It is likely that the bulk of the Akalis may be released by the Punjab government soon.

The Punjab Governor is going to his home state of Madhya Pradesh for two days and he is expected to have further consultations after his return.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 24, 1985