NEW DELHI: The Janata Dal President, Mr. V.P. Singh said there would be midterm election in the country in Apni this year, and said his party was geared for it. “J visualise a snap poll and we are ready for the snap poll,” Singh told a press conference. Asked for the basis of his conjecture about the snap poll, Singh replied that he would like to protect the source of his information. He, however, said the skyrocketing prices of the essential commodities were an indication that the election were nearing. Singh, who addressed that the press conference along with

Ram Paswam, General Secretary of the Dal, said he would launch membership drive of his party from February. Office-bearers of the Dal have been appointed following the adoption of the party’s constitution and program.


Singh said the Dal was maintaining good relationship with the left parties and was likely to seek their cooperation in the elections, About the BJP he said, the Parliamentary Board will take the final decision in its meeting on January 12, 1988. Mr. Singh said all the formalities in the formation of Janata Dal were complete and he would write to the election commissioner to transfer its Lok Dal symbol to Janata Dal. Referring to the statements reportedly made by the five senior leaders of the Janata Dal, including Indu Dhai Patel, expressing reservations about the formation of the Janata Dal, Mr. Y.P. Singh said, he had written to Ajit Singh to verify from them. Singh said if it was proved that the five leaders made the statement, then, their names would be struck off. Singh made it clear that nobody would be admitted to the Dal against his wishes.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 6, 1989