MUZAFAR NAGAR, U.P., India: Mr. V.P. Singh, Ex-Finance Minister, Launched a crusade against Rajiv Gandhi by addressing a mamoth gathering of 100,000 people at Muzaffar Nagar. Mr. Singh announced that neither the Centre nor the State governments have done any concrete thing for the uplift of the rural masses. The Centre intends to rule the country with the policy of “divide and rule”. He specifically mentioned the violence between minority and the majority communities. This is the direct effect of the wrong policies of the Central government. Mr. Singh categorically declared that he will continue his crusade against corruption in the high circles.

Earlier, the large gathering assembled at the meeting place waited for their leader for more than three hours in a scortching heat. Mr. V.P. Singh who left New Delhi in a 60 car convoy was stopped at different places by the people to garland him and his colleagues.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 31, 1987