NEW DELHI, India: Former Defense Minister Vishwa Nath Partap Singh has hit back at his critics declaring that he will not take it lying down if certain elements in the party continued throwing much at him.

Mr. Singh however refused to comment on the reported remarks of the Prime Minister concerning him at a meeting of Congress (I) Parliamentary Party executive two days ago, “I will not respond to newspaper reports and will read so only on hearing from Rajiv Gandhi or on any communication from A.I.C.C.”.

At the meeting some members were understood to have launched a Campaign against Mr. Singh and the Prime Minister said former Defense Minister should come out with all the facts or whatever was on his mind.

Mr. Singh’s detractors have demanded action against him in the light of his alleged announcement at Luchnow recently which they have interpreted as vague threat against the leadership.

The interview in a press here of US. Investigators Hershman has added another grist to the mill of Tumors. He has stated that he has many things to reveal and he would do that provided government of India appointed a commission of enquiry headed by Mr. Singh.

Mr. Singh who returned yesterday afternoon from a private visit to Jaipur said in a statement that it was not proper for Mr. Hershman to comment on the internal matters of the government or of the Party. He said that the arrangements of the Fairfax enquiry commission relating to Fairfax affair did not come in the way of authorization and the commission of enquiry.

Mr. V.P. Singh wondered if it was seen that there was security risk in any arrangement with the Far fax and this could not be terminated without the approval of the enquiry commission and then why the commission was not moved on the first day of its constitution.

Who is responsible for the security in this country for one month? Who has exposed the country to CLA. during this duration?

At least not V.P. Singh, C.LA. stickers will not hold him on his personal verification, he said. As for his remarks heard at Luchnow Mr. Singh said he had alluded to allegations heard in bits and pieces and had said in that context that he would expose the falsehood in one go.

Talking to newsmen he particularly mentioned the meeting at Patna in Bihar State in which Prime Minister had congratulated him for his performance. Meanwhile Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister who had consultation with senior leaders expressed the view that it would be difficult for V.P. Singh to leave the Congress (1). The Chief Minister, however, declined to comment on some of the party men’s demand for action against V.P. Singh for his antiparty stand. Mr. Singh is likely to call on the Prime Minister soon to seek protection from critics.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 15, 1987