Chandigarh — United Akali Dal asked Barnala through a resolution adopted at its meeting here to fulfill his commitment by getting the Anandpur Sahib resolution passed in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha. Barnala, the resolution said, must remember that he was one of the authors of the resolution. Since he is now the Chief Minister, it is obligatory on him to get the resolution implemented in its totality especially in view of the fact that the Dharam Yudh Morcha was launched exclusively for the fulfillment of Anandpur Sahib Resolution.

Through another resolution United Akali Dal demanded that the control of 24 police stations touching Indo-Pakistan border should not be handed over to the C.B.I. as decided by the Central government. Central government’s decision would mean direct interference in the State matters and would give extra ordinary rights to the C.B.I. to control the functioning of these police stations. The C.B.I. it was felt, would misuse its position by arresting a person from anywhere in the state but showing that the arrest was made at the border. Akali circles have also expressed displeasure at Punjab government’s concurrence to this decision of the Center.

The meeting was attended by members of the Adhoc committee, Advisory Committee and District Conveners. Baba Joginder Singh presided over the meeting. The meeting congratulated Baba Ji over the success of the boycott call. Talking to the reporters, the Party General Secretary, S. Ranjit Singh Brahmpura said that the boycott call had resulted in 20 to 30% less Sikh participation in the elections. He also said that his party would prove its popularity by winning the forthcoming Gurdwara elections in November.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 18, 1985