WASHINGTON— The United States is studying with interest a Moscow broadcast that says the Soviets would accept onsite inspections to police comprehensive nuclear test ban, U.S. officials say.

The statement came in a Radio Moscow broadcast in English, monitored in Washington, supporting the earlier Soviet proposal for a moratorium on all nuclear tests.

The broadcast said the Soviet Union had already proposed “an international system of verification,” presumably meaning the “national means” kind of verification both sides use to check on each other.

The Radio Moscow broadcast continued:

“The Soviet Union is ready to go even further: it wants to establish joint moratorium on nuclear

explosion with the United States now and simultaneously agree on some measures of on the spot control to reverse possible doubts about the observance of such a moratorium.

  1. Officials said Wednesday the Moscow broadcast, if it is authoritative and if it is presented when the two sides meet again in midJanuary, would be a definite advance.

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 27, 1985