WASHINGTON, Feb. 27, Reuter: The United States today condemned Afghan aircraft attacks on two villages in Pakistan and said the incident calls into question the intentions of the Afghan government and the Soviet Union.

The State Department said the attacks yesterday “were a blatant violation of Pakistani air space and caused a greater loss of life and property than we have seen in some time.”

“We condemn this incident in the strongest terms”, spokesman Phyllis Oakley told reporters.

She said that coupled with a bomb that exploded February 19 near a primary school and the office of Afghan resistance fighters in the Peshawar area of Pakistan, the attacks “call into question the intentions of the Najib Regime and the Soviets”.

Afghan, Soviet and Pakistani Officials are discussing under United Nations auspices in Geneva the prospects of a withdrawal of an estimated 115,000 Soviet troops in Afghanistan and an end to the Afghan civil war.

Some fighting has spilled over into Pakistan, which has become home base for an estimated three million Afghan refugees and resistance fighters.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 6, 1987