UNITED NATIONS, Jan. 16, Reuter: Elev United Nations’ 159 members have already paid all or part to their 1987 dues, providing the financially pressed organization with more than 100 million dollars, a U.N. spokesman said today.

By the end of the month it hopes to have an additional 85 million dollars, towards an annual budget totaling some 800 million.

The countries that have already paid in full are: Bahamas (72,454 dollars), Canada (22,184,000 dollars), Denmark (5,216,000 dollars), Finland (3,622,000 dollars), France (46,152,000 dollars), Iceland (217,360,000 dollars), Ireland (1,304,000 dollars), Kuwait (2,101,000 dollars), Norway 13,498,000 dollars) and Sweden (9,056,000 dollars).

In addition, Britain has paid some 8,803,000 dollars, or a quarter of its annual assessment.

Before the end of the month another eight countries, including several large contributors, are expected to pay all or part of their dues.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 23, 1987