NEW YORK, N.Y.: Tributes were paid to Gen. Mohammad ZiaulHaq by the Sikh Youth of the Tri state areas. Gen. Zia was the president of Pakistan. He died in a plane crash on August 17 along with the U.S. Ambassador of Pakistan, Arnold Ruphel (W.S.N Aug 19).

Coordinator Harbhajan Singh Gill told the World Sikh News on August 21 that Gen Zia was not only a great leader of Pakistan he was an important American ally.

Gill said that the Generals adherence to the values of his own religion and his stand in stopping Soviet expansion were his great qualities.

Earlier, addressing the congregation at the Sikh Cultural Society Gill exorted everyone to become members of the World Sikh Organisation, and support it.

Article extracted from this publication >> August 26, 1988