LONDON, Reuter: Organizers of the major Tennis Tournaments ‘said on Friday they had devised a peace plan which they hoped would appease angry players who have decided to run their own rebel circuit

“We remain optimistic but this must be the final move,” said English Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) President Ron Presley after a meeting of the tournament representatives.

Presley said they were ready to fly to Florida to put their proposals to Hamilton Jordan, Chief Executive of the association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) which plans {0 set up its own circuit from 1990,

Talks in London between the Men’s Tennis Council (MTC) — the sport’s governing body —and the ATP broke down on Wednesday and the players announced the rebel circuit would go ahead.

The ATP which called for more control of a shortened circuit said it had the support of 20 of the world’s top 25 professionals.

Presley said: “we decided after discussions lasting more than two hours that we should endeavor to resolve the issues with ATP. We have come up with some proposals which we hope to put to Hamilton Jordan next week.” He did not elaborate on the proposals

Directors of the four grand slam tournaments and other leading events are due to meet at the master’s tournament in New York next month to discuss the situation.

MTC administrator Marshall Happer said they would have to decide whether to slay part of the grand prix circuit administered by the MTC or join the rebels,

Article extracted from this publication >> November 11, 1988