LAHORE, Pakistan, March 28, (Reuter): Delirious cricket fans showered Pakistani Captain Imran Khan and his team with rose petals and garlands on their triumphant return from India today.

Thousands flocked to Lahore airport, waving Pakistani flags and holding up portraits of their heroes, and scores of fans perched precariously on rooftops or clambered up trees to catch a glimpse of the team.

Imran, 34, the tall, handsome all-rounder who is Pakistan’s top teenage idol, was welcomed by the Chief Minister of Punjab province, Nawaz Sharif, before being carried shoulder high by the crowd.

Tens of thousands waiting along the route to the city center were disappointed when a planned team procession was cancelled. Lahore is still tense after a bomb at a religious party meeting killed six people last Monday.

Imran’s side became the first Pakistani team to win a test series in India with a dramatic 16run victory in the final match after four draws. They also convincingly won the one day series 51.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 3, 1987