AMRITSAR, Punjab, India:‘ Sikh freedom fighters barricaded in a north Indian farmhouse fought security forces in a three hour gun battle that left 10 people dead, police said on Sunday.

In another incident in northern Punjab state, police shot dead two freedom fighters on a motorcycle that allegedly crashed through a road block early on Sunday.

Police said they exchanged fire with the militants for about 15 minutes during the roadblock incident in Jullundur district.

They said the freedom fighters ambushed a paramilitary police patrol in Amritsar district on Saturday evening and firing submachine guns, they withdrew to a nearby farmhouse while police reinforcements surrounded the area.

At least three policemen and seven freedom fighters were killed, police said.

They said they shot dead another freedom fighter in Bathinda district late on Saturday night.

Nearly 650 people have been killed so far this year in violence relating to Sikh struggle for an independent Sikh homeland in | North India.

About 1,200 people were killed in this struggle last year.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 22, 1988