It behaves all those who are committed to constitutional freedom and democracy and who are prepared to sacrifice narrow and selfish ambitions to come together, harness their energies and resist the looming specter. Petty controversies, religious, linguistic and territorial, must be sternly bypassed or suppressed. Any waste of national energy on quarrels, so inane and futile, must be considered criminal. It is an age old trick of people in power to divert people’s attention from their own crimes by keeping them occupied in futilities. It is of no relevance whatever who becomes a Chief Minister of a State or even a Prime Minister. Anyone with reasonable education and character will be better than the present incumbent. It is of still less relevance on which side of the state borders a particular village or town is located. Too much is at stake and let it not go down to little. (Courtesy: The Indian Express)

Article extracted from this publication >> April 22, 1988