I am a Sikh, an Evolved Soul,

I have the synergy of a saint

and the fury of a revolutionary,

I realize truth through paradox

by bringing fusion between means and ends,

I can overcome dichotomy between

“I” and “It,” the fusion is a

source of empathy for others,

I have a sense of “is” and “ought”

My moral existence and cognition have transcendental,

Because I am a Sikh, an evolved soul.

I individuality and separation,

I have dissolved through action,

I have the capacity to invest,

wait and bridge the time and distance,

I have gone through “‘self confirming”

and the discovery of “‘inner being”’

My self and others are integrated through the dialectics

Because I am a Sikh, an evolved soul.

My divergence and convergence meet

in a novel emergence,

Producing subjective — objective “surrender” and integration,

I can lose myself in order to find myself through holistic perceptions,

I can “disintegrate” positively

but there is a balance

between the segments of my “helix”

Because I am a Sikh, an evolved soul.

I have orchestrated and harmonized my values and life goals,

I have developed “‘a method in my madness”

by losing my linear mind,

l am de automatized reaching an oceanic stage of beatitude

There is a synergy of KARUNA & anger which is burning my soul

Because I am a radical Sikh, an evolved soul.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 19, 1985