A beautiful girl

A handsome guy

Everyone loves

to tella lie

When it comes to

tellin’ truth

Tell me who

ts not a brute

The one I know

ts a good ol’ guide

One I call

the mirror inside!

Just like the one

upon the wall

The mirror inside

will tell it all

If they call you pretty

and you doubt

‘Tad say homely!”

The mirror will shout

That spot you’ve been

trying to hide

Will not hide from

The mirror inside

Can’t cover up or

break this mirror

It will not leave

or become unclear

Now you may see

in your place

In your mirror

a different face

You fill yourself

with false pride

Trick yourself, not

the mirror inside

Parts of body

from far and wide

Came to look in

the mirror inside

Head from north and

feet from south

Eyes nose ears

hands and mouth

The mirror gave

a plain insight

‘Shook them up

as they thought it might

These words wiggled up

the ear brothers-

“You’ve been listen in’

to slander of others!”

Eyes discovered

they were full of greed

of charm and beauty

of others, indeed

Hands were trembling

as they were told-

they took property

of weak and old

Mouth and nose got

really stunned

by hearing the evil

they had done-

“You took lives

for savory. food

Just for taste and

smell and mood!”

Feet got ware that

they were not Smart

Hasten in to do wrong

with any other part

Most of mirror’s anger

felon the head

Reflection’ realities

it got steam in’ and red

“You passionate zealous

Burning and glowing!”

The mirror inside

went really blowing-

“Ardently hankering

after what’s not your

Never satisfied, you

want more and more

“So munch’s been bestowed

on you ungrateful

When lose a little

you become unfaithful

“Wearing a crown

that makes you uneasy

‘Still want bigger

you must be crazy

“On the path of darkness

and of gloom

Your own brains will

gild your doom

“Millions of your schemes

will cause confusion

Too much of lust

will become an illusion

“Burnin’ inside with malice

you humbug!

You’re throwing fire

under other’s rug

“Outside a hypocrite

inside rapacious

you are a hoax

impostor and voracious

“You think you’re high

When you act so low

Your raptured looks

have a false glow

“This rascality and

worldliness your ride

Masks out nothing from

the mirror inside

“You’ll smolder yourself

With your fires

Unless you balance up

your own desires

“Better harmonize and

leave high tide

Use the mirror inside

as your guide

“And look in mirrors

of disciplined beings

You may then see

the un-fore-seens

“With company of good

all evil gets purged

Your bosom and malice

are quickly unmerged

“No malice means friendship

with all mankind

Easy it is when

you’re really unwind!”

Mluminated ‘n enlightened

head stood still

Felt like a cripple

trying’ to roam a hill

Really an eye-opener

it was for every part

They felt very shameful

It was a good start

Remorseful parts were

able to decide

to take up advice of

the mirror insidel

Dr, Bagga, a Psychiatrist in Michigan is writing a book in English

Poetry “Emotional Integration Through Higher Wisdom.”

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 20, 1989