The World Sikh Organization Secretary Gen. J.S. Bhullar expressed his shock and concern at the alleged conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism in United States. He said that terrorism and murder only lead to more bloodshed. Sikhs, historically, are a people committed to peace and this cycle of violence can only cease with the peaceful resolution of Sikh’s legitimate religious and political aspirations by the government of India. It should be noted that there have been 30,000 murders of Sikhs in India, hence the assassinations of Indira Gandhi on Oct. 31, 1984 with no arrests, investigations or prosecutions by the Indian authorities. This lack of action stands in sharp contrast to the mass arrests and prosecution of thousands of Sikhs in the past months. It is time for the government to recognize its responsibilities as a constitutional democracy to enforce the law administer justice and protect the lives of all its citizens irrespective of their religious affiliations. During the State visit of Rajiv Gandhi to the United States in June, the WSO would strive to ensure that all demonstrations by Sikhs and Human Rights activists are peaceful. Our purpose is to highlight legitimate human rights issues to the World Community during his visit. We hope our peaceful protests receive coverage equal to the alleged criminal plot that F.B.I. claims to have busted. W.S.O. is composed of 200,000 Sikhs in United States of America, Canada and England. It was formed as an international advocate for the just cause of the Sikh nation and its Constitution prohibits the use of violence by its members.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 17, 1985