SHIMLA: The Chairman of the Punjab Peace Council, Swami B. Chaitanya, has urged the Central Government to convene a roundtable conference involving all political parties to find a solution to the vexed Punjab problem.

Addressing a Press conference here, he said besides this the Government should also initiate a dialogue with the heads of various militant outfits. By adopting the policy of “love and affection” the government should try to bring the “misguided” youth in the national mainstream. The Government should Alost call upon the militants to surrender arms, he added.

Holding the Prime Minister and certain other Central leaders responsible for the Punjab problem by pursuing a policy of “divide and rule” for its partisan ends, the Swami said if the Punjab problem was not solved at the earliest, the “fire would engulf’ the whole country.

When passed to identify the Central leaders responsible for the Punjab problem, he named Giani Zail Singh and Mr. Darbara Singh. Did in the case of Mr. Darshan Singh.

* The Swami said neither the creation of security belt nor the imposition of an emergency would solve the problem unless the root cause of the problem was removed.

Saying that the new Akal Takht chief, Baba Jasbir Singh, is a religious leader, he alleged that the Centre wanted to utilize him.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 8, 1988