STOCKTON, Ca.: The latest police and paramilitary forces raid on the Golden Temple, Amritsar, sparked angry protests by the Sikh sangat of Stockton. Through a resolution adopted at a largely attended Sunday congregation, the raid was described “as a blatant act of State terrorism and an open challenge to Sikh integrity and honor”. It also called upon the Indian government to refrain from all such provocative attempts and put an end to its calculated policy of undermining the sanctity of the Golden Temple.

Through another resolution, the congregation took strong exception to the defaming of Sikhs through stage-managed hijacking exercises. The resolution refused to accept India’s explanation of the hijacking as a “mock exercise” and termed it as an unsuccessful plot to tarnish the Sikh image and to justify its ongoing oppression of the Sikh youths.

Through a third resolution, the congregation criticized India’s attempts to mislead the people both in India and abroad about the support of overseas Sikhs to Khalistan. “The truth is that overseas Sikhs overwhelmingly support Khalistan”, said the resolution. The resolutions were unanimously passed with the shouting of “Khalistan Zindabad” slogans.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 23, 1987