COLOMBO, Oct 13, Reuter: Marxist extremists killed seven people linked with Sri Lanka’s ruling United National Party (UNP), police said on Thursday.

They said People’s Liberation Front gunmen on Wednesday raided the home of a school principal who had prevented students from joining widespread street protests.

They shot dead a watchman after failing to find the principal at his house in the Southern town of Ambalangoda, police said.

An elderly man whose son was a Ruling Party supporter was stabbed to death near Kandy in Central Sri Lanka.

Four more people were killed in other attacks in the South on Wednesday, police said.

Security forces have blamed the front for inciting a series of student protests against last year’s India Siri Lanka pact aimed at ending a separatist revolt by the island’s Tamil minority.

The Government on Thursday ordered all schools to close for two weeks to discourage further protests.

Article extracted from this publication >> October 21, 1988