New Delhi, India — Anti Marxist rebels overran nine military posts in heavy fighting with Soviet and Afghan government forces in an eastern province bordering Pakistan, a Western diplomatic report said today.

The report said the 55th Afghan brigade remained under guerrilla siege in the Paktya province town of Barkot despite a So iet offensive to dislodge ‘he insurgents.

The report said Afghan authorities’ confirmed that guerrillas captured five army posts in the Paktya border district of Chamkani. Four military positions were captured Jan. 5 at nearby Jajni, according to the report, read to reporters by diplomats who cannot be identified by name or nationality under briefing rules.

The Afghan government radio earlier reported heavy fighting with rebels in Paktya and Herat provinces.

About 11,000 additional Soviet troops have been deployed to seal off Afghanistan’s borders with Iran and Pakistan following renewed raids by insurgents operating from across the frontiers, according to a Western diplomatic dispatch last week.

The Soviets aim also appeared to be to cut off rebel supply routes in preparation for a spring assault on rebels controlling several strategic areas in the rugged, landlocked nation.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Soviets whose troops have been in Afghanistan since 1979 had launched an airborne assault to free beleaguered troops in Paktya.

Diplomatic reports quoted official statements in Kabul as saying that 204 guerrillas had been killed in recent fighting in the provinces of Kunduz, Badghis, Sama Ngan, Paktya and Ghazni.


Article extracted from this publication >> January 25, 1985