THERE are just under” 800,000 Sikhs living in Britain, They all have living ties with people in Punjab, They are all concerned about the state sponsored oppression in Punjab which specially effects the Sikhs there. It is no longer a State secret that innocent young Sikhs have been rounded up from their villages and thrust into prisons under draconian laws passed by Mr. Rajiv Gandhi’s administration even though there had been opposition to such legislation. It is known to the world at large that the police in Punjab have continually organized assassinations under the coercive government on all Punjabis of which the Sikhs form a majority is a matter of record.

Punjab is the most visible aspect of what is happening all over India and the Government of India while suppressing news of killings in Uttar Padesh and Bihar as well as other parts of India has played up the events of Punjab to shift the blame on Sikh shoulders.

The lack of bonafide, the lack of honesty and the lack of capability of Rajiv Gandhi administration has become more than clear in the past four weeks. To divert attention from its corrupt practices the Government of India has raised the bogey of Sikh “terrorism” and “separatism” and “extremism”. Mr. Ribeiro, the chief architect of the policies of Mr. Gandhi in Punjab has threatened that he will walk into the Golden Temple whenever he feels there is need to do so. And he is answerable to no one. Not even to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

Under these circumstances the Sikhs of Britain cannot remain silent. They believe in democratic norms and freedom of speech and liberty. They also feel the responsibility for voicing protest against tyranny because they recognize great injustice can only be done when people fall silent.

To give expression to that protest the Sikhs of Britain have organized a peaceful demonstration for 26th of July, 1987, commencing at midday from the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park and marching to the Indian High Commission in Aldwych.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 7, 1987