SPRINGFIELD: A very peaceful and successful demonstration was organized by S. Surinderpal Singh Kalra, International Assembly Member of World Sikh Organization on July 28, 1987 outside the U.S. Medical Centre for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Mo. to show solidarity with Jasbir Singh Sandhu for his demand to allow him to wear turban without any restriction of time and place in prison and prison facilities. The Sikh representatives from Chicago and other States of United States in their kesri turbans and dupattas with kasri placards, highlighting the significance of the turbans in Sikh religion and how important Jasbir Singh Sandhu’s life it to the whole Sikh community.

The shabad kirtan was one of the features of the demonstration whereby shabads like “Soora So Pehchanyia was sung. The T.V. channels in their news bulletin of 6 O’clock and 10 O’clock presented the interviews with Sardar Surinderpal Singh Kalra that highlighted the significance of “Turban” of a Sikh. He requested the American people to stand behind and support Jasbir Singh Sandhu who had been fighting to enjoy his right to religion.

The demonstration was a big success in terms of numbers, timing, planning and organization and it is considered to be a major factor in getting a decision for allowing the turban to Sikhs in’ prison and its facilities.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 7, 1987