SACRAMENTO:CA: Sikh Sangat of Gurdwara Sahib Sacramento and ex-students of Guru Nanak Engineering College Ludhiana celebrated the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh here at the Sacramento Gurdwara.

In the afternoon World Sikh Organization and management and Sangat of Sacramento Gurd wara commemorated the martyrdom of S. Satwant Singh and S. Kehar Singh. A bhog of Sahaj Path for S, Satwant Singh and S. Kehar Singh and Beant Singh along with a Bhog for the Chardi Kala of the Sikh panth took place. Kirtan jatta of Bhai Darshan Singh Ji rendered Gurbani in mellifluous notes and paid their homage to the Sikh martyrs. A Dhadi Jatha of Bhai Gurcharan Singh touched the soul of Sikh sangat and explained the Sikh history and traditions through poetry. They paid homage to Sikh Martyrs and explained that their martyrdom will shake the roots of the cruel and unjust Indian Government. Several Sikh activists from different cities of North California also took part in the prayer service and paid homage to both the martyrs. Most of the speakers emphasized that the real homage to S. Satwant Singh and S. Kehar Singh would be to follow in their footsteps and to perform our duty towards the Sikh nation so that Sikhs can have a sovereign state of their own and end the daily executions of Sikhs at the hands of Brahmins rulers of Delhi.

They also emphasized that a life of a Sikh is for the Guru and a Sikh is never afraid to lay down his life for the Sikh cause. Following speakers took part in the afternoon session. S, Bakhshish Singh, S. Gumam Singh Pamma, Prof. ManJeet Singh Sidhu, S. Karnail SIngh Kahlon, Dr. Gurinder Singh Grewal, S. Balwinder Singh, S. Dilbagh Singh and S. Gurcharan Singh Dhillon (President WSOUSA). S. Gurcharan Singh also thanked the management of Gurdwara Sahib Sacramento for being in the forefront for Sikh National cause all the time. In the end Bhai Amrit Pal Singh advised the Sikhs to follow Guru’s teachings and to stop some of the Brahmanical rituals which some Sikhs practice in Gurdwara’s e.g., keeping a jote (candlelight) during Akhand path, keeping a coconut and water for distribution. He also said that in order to achieve Khalistan, Sikhs will have to adopt the Guru’s prescribed way of life and not any other. It was a very emotional prayer meeting of the Sikhs. Mood of the Sangat was very calm and composed; underlying bitterness towards the Indian Government was distinctly visible as everybody expressed it openly. They all pledged to work for a sovereign Sikh state with Tan, Man and Dhan.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 20, 1989