LONDON: A peaceful demonstration was held on 5th of June ‘85, to commemorate the invasion on Golden Temple by the Indian Army. Thousands of innocent men, women, children and pilgrims were massacred by the Indian Army during the assault, so called The Operation Blue star.

A flag was burnt by young children to protest against the atrocities committed by the Indian Army during this operation. It was also done because the Indian Army had burnt the religous flag, the Holy Book and destroyed the holy Akal Takhat.

The Indian Government has been putting a lot of pressure on the British Government to suppress the legal and constitutional movement of Sikhs in Britain. It will be of interest to note that the Indian Government had cancelled the deal of the purchase of Westland helicopters simply to exert more Pressure on the British administration. Though the demonstration was very peaceful and there was no untoward incident or obstruction of traffic as a result of this demonstration. But the Police arrested two young boys aged 14 and 17, inspite of the pleading by the senior Sikh leaders that the youth had done nothing to disturb the peace or to instigate any sort of violence.

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