Program for the Months of September and October

 9/22/85 — Bhog Sehaj PathFor Peace to Late Rajinder Singh: Sewa by the family of Late Rajinder Singh.

9/29/85 — Sewa by family of Major Singh and Gian Kaur, Bhupinder Singh and Mrs. Jasvir Kaur.

10/13/85 — Sewa by Family of Major Singh and Mrs. Gian Kaur.

10/20/85 — Sewa by Jaswinder Singh Sandhu and Bibi Manjit Kaur Sandhu for prayer to their Taee Ji’s (Aunti); departed soul.

For Sewa on open weekends.

Please contact Bakhshish Singh Banwait 9163715415 (Guru Ghant) or 9163727967. Residence.

Details of Income from Various Programs Performed — July, $6941.77 — August, $7205.81.

Please Support Tau Mau & Dhari

  1. World Sikh Organization
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  3. Seva to support all Families of SHAHEED.


The Sikh National Educational & Cultural Organization (Stockton) held 2nd Sikh Youth Camp at the premises of Sikh Temple Sacramento, from Aug. 11 to Aug. 24. It was a great and colorful event for the Sangat and the management. With the blessings of The Almighty it was a safe too. The final day of the Camp was even more beautiful, when each and every camp participant showed to audience in an organized way what they have learned in the last two weeks.

May God bless all these students and the Sewadars happy, healthy and long lives!!


With God’s Grace this Project which was undertaken earlier this year is complete. Estimate by olo County Planning Commission equals $150000 actual expenditure equals $85,000.

(This is the result of wholehearted cooperation support and assistance from entire community.)

No loan was undertaken.


 AS OF 08/25/85 IS AS FOLLOWS:

Currently we have about $6,000 in bank. We owe the subcontractors a total of $17,500, a special payment of $10,000 which was due on July 1st is still not paid, because of lack of funds. Last August 25th the Sangat was made aware of our financial position. $5,000 was collected on the spot by the Humble Sadh Sangat that day, and another $4,000 was pledged. We urgently need at least additional $12,000 to take care of our immediate financial obligation.

Please donate whatever your heart may desire; only with your generous contribution can this project of extension be completed. ; For more information or suggestions. Please call or contact Bakhshish Singh Banwait (General Secretary). “NANAK NAM CHARDIKALA, TERE BHANE SARBATT KA BHALA.” The Management Committee Sikh Temple Sacramento Sadh Sangat’s Sewadars: Pargan Singh President Bakhshish Singh Banwait Gen Sec. Avtar Singh Dhaliwal, Treasurer

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 27, 1985