New York: Through a telephonic message to the World Sikh News, a spokesman of the federation denied any connection with the Air India Jumbo Jet disaster. The spokesman strongly refuted the charge and described the action of the news agencies in believing a phony call as irresponsible and immature. No representative of the media bothered to confirm from any Federation Office-bearer about the policy of the Federation, the spokesman added. He further said that the Federation does not believe in the concept” of violence. “Sikh religion preaches brotherhood of man and was created for the protection of the weak and the innocent and not to destroy them,” he said. The call, he believes, must have been made by quarters that want to paint Sikhs as terrorists; and was, in all probability, made to damage the growing awareness among the North American population of the Sikh predicament in India and Indian government’s false propaganda blitz against them.

The spokesman expressed his sorrow at the tragic loss of innocent lives and his sympathy for the bereaved families.


Article extracted from this publication >>  June 28, 1985