LOS ANGELES, Ca. The Sikh community of Southern California has introduced centuries old Sikh tradition of Langar (Free Kitchen) to all in Los Angeles also.

On Christmas Day, 1986 some dedicated Sikhs went to S.O.S. (Sharing Ourselves) shelter in) Costa Mesa, Ca. and offered a delightful meal to over 100 men, women and children who were homeless and jobless. You could see through their eyes the gratitude towards Sikh community. It was an emotional experience to help our fellow human beings at the time of need. This was a true application of Guru’s advice.

Sikhism is a practical religion based on Sewa (caring and sharing), Simran (meditation on His Name), and Honorable earnings with dignity and respect. The real Sikhs live by these principles.

Second Langar Sewa was offered on January 10, 1987 (Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday) at Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles, California. About 500 persons were served a delicious meal.

Third Langar was offered at the same place on Feb. 2, 1987. When the sewa jatha went second time, some victims of hunger recognized the same Sikhs and expressed their heart felt gratitude in action and words, Comments heard were,

“Sikhs are very caring people”. “Sikhs are very kind and compassionate”. “We have a very colorful group (Sikhs) to feed us tonight”.

They were curious to know who Sikhs were. Some Sikhs explained to them with humility and kindness that “we are simply serving centuries old tradition taught by our gurus”. There is free kitchen “langar” in all Sikh gurdwaras” in Punjab. One admirer of Sikhs commented “that is wonderful”.

This program will be continued twice per month until Baisakhi. One devoted Sikh contributed $1100 for sewa and did the Kar Sewa but did not want his name disclosed. It was heartfelt Sewa (selfless service), This initiative was taken by Vermont Gurdwara in Los Angeles. We are appealing to all gurdwaras to start similar programs. “The credit must go to the Sikh community in general and sewadars in particular” commuted the coordinator of the effort.

The vicious government of India has tried’ to tarnish the Sikh image. We want to tell the world by action that the Sikhs are honorable people and believe to serve humanity as long as they live. Truth will prevail after all it is time to practice Sikhism so that humanity can realize true essence of their noble religion.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 20, 1987