On November 1, 1988 SIFE Convocation was a success. SIFE Students in Free Enterprise decorated the Meyer Auditorium with SIFE posters “Free Enterprise Month,” “Business and Education: Promote Free Enterprise,” “Please Say No to Drugs,” and so on. The film, “Introduction to SIFE,” was shown to the audience, and was commended by participants,

The Honorable W.C. Maynard, Mayor, City of Hawkins read the proclamation which declared November 130, 1988 Free Enterprise Month for the City of Hawkins and Jarvis Christian College.

Dr. Alvin D. Officer, Superintendent/Management Systems, Effectiveness/Personnel Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., Piketon, Ohio, spoke on the “Business and Education: Partner for progress.” He emphasized the role of research, technical changes and education in bringing economic progress in the 20th century. He predicted the following changes in the year 2000.

(a) Improvement of Educational Quality. More emphasis on the use of computers in the classroom bringing change in knowledge and skills.

(b) Work force changes will encourage more participation of minorities and women.

(c) The service industries numbers will increase.

(d) Working conditions will improve.

(c) Health care service will change. (f) Environmental conditions will improve.

SIFE presented plagues to Dr. Officer, the speaker of the occasion and the Honorable W.C. Maynard, Mayor, City of Hawkins,

Dr. Lee Hensley, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs pointed out the works of William Huxley, “The Brave New World.” He felt that the predictions are becoming a reality, He agreed with the speaker, Dr. Alvin D. Officer hat that there will be changes. He challenged the students to be ready for these changes. The audience was really impressed, Most of the students, faculty, staff, and members of the administration congratulated, Mr. Chatha, Advisor and SIFE Fellow, and remarked, and program was excellent, very educative, creative, very impressive, and important.

As November, 1988, is Free Enterprise Month, SIFE plans to complete Business Advisory Board, planning of their projects, develop posters for the projects, and organize displays. SIFE members will submit the list of the names of Business Advisory Board members, and synopsis of the planned projects to their National Headquarters within the Free Enterprise Month. SIFE members may also try to attend a Seminar on Small Minority Business and Women, in Dallas, Texas.

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