LONDON, Reuter: English football fans never tire of comparing Peter Shilton to a vintage Claret which improves with age.

As far as wine in concerned, it is highly debatable whether the average supporter actually keeps the stuff long enough to find out…. But his nose for a good goalkeeper is impeccable.


After 23 seasons in soccer, Shilton, 38, remains a master of his craft and is likely to be first choice for England in the European championship finals in West Germany this summer.

Since the man he is keeping out of the international team, Chris Woods, has been outstanding for Glasgow Rangers’ this season and performed heroically for England in hungry last week, Shilton has not retained possession of the job on sentiment.

RUNDEL, England,

Fast bowler Malcolm Marshall proved his fitness in the space of 10 express deliveries on Sunday as the West Indies cricketers romped to a 66-run victory against veteran-packed duchess of Norfolk’s XI.

Dennis Amiss, Clive Radley and Clive Rice, who all retired from English county cricket last season, were sent packing in quick succession by Marshall.

On Saturday, Shilton made a record 625th English league appearance in Derby county’s 1-1 draw at Watford, beating the mark of 824 set by former England winger Terry Paine, who spent his entire career at Southampton,

Dur to county’s present plight -they may yet be drawn into a playoff series which could end their first division status — Shilton was content to let the champagne stay on ice for the time being.

EOUL, Rueter: Olympic organizers have reacted to criticism from tennis professionals and officials by agreeing to resurface all 18 hard Courts to be used at the Seoul Games.

The courts were described by international players as “Dirty, slippery, and shiny”, during last month’s South Korean open tournament.

“They will be cleaner than and not as slippery as they are at the moment”, said Park. “I’m sure there will be no problem after they are resurfaced”.

After a break of 64 years tennis is making a reappearance at the Seoul ‘Games starting on September 17. The London based International Tennis Federation (ITF) has kept close tabs ‘on the suitability of the courts and official South Korean made Nassau Balls,


Article extracted from this publication >> May 13, 1988