Services at The Gurdwara: A high degree of awareness exists concerning the services currently provided at the Gurdwara by the Sikh Cultural Society. Seventy five to eighty percent of the congregation knew about the health care, Punjabi language school, and summer camp and library facility. Awareness of these services does not always result in utilization because of the geographic dispersal of the community.

Services Desired Suggestions: Thirty five of the respondents listed suggestions to the open ended question: “Are there any additional activities or services you would like the Sikh Cultural Society to provide for you and your family?” These suggestions can be grouped under the following headings:

  1. Education of children — Punjabi language and Sikh religion and culture.
  2. Magazine and audiovisual media.
  3. Employment opportunities information.
  4. Cremation ground.
  5. Home for Senior citizens.
  6. Family counseling and marriage assistance.

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Article extracted from this publication >> April 22, 1988