New Delhi — with no definite clues yet to the assassins of the Congress (I) MP Maken and his wife, the union Government took precautionary measures on Friday by. Providing security guard to Mr. K. Tiwari, member of the Lok Sabha and Mr. Dharm Das Shastri, former member of the Lok Sabha. Both of them had received threatening letters from unidentified sources.

The Government also is proposing to speed up the implementation of the recommendation of two committees to strengthen the law and order machinery, according to Home Ministry sources.

The Home Ministry has as yet no concrete evidence to prove that the assassination was the job of political activists though that theory is not being ruled out. The fact that the assassins were determined, trained in using weapons and had executed the job meticulously is increasingly weighing in favor of the theory that they must be part of a trained group.

Even though the Union Government had given clear instructions to the Delhi administration to expect trouble after the Punjab accord, the local administration did not anticipate the attack on the MP, later leading to the withdrawal of the Personal Security Officer attached to Maken.”

The Home Ministry, however, could not clearly explain why it took nearly two months from the time a decision was taken to withdraw the PSO after the Operation Blue Star agitation in’ the first week of June and the actual withdrawal of the PSO just two days before the assassination. They said that it might be due to usual administrative delays.

The threatening letter that Maken received on July 27, was not immediately passed on but reached the police after the assassination, it is not stated.

It is felt that the release of those who were taken into custody during the Punjab agitation would not have contributed to the increased crime as the government had taken enough safeguards not to release known criminals or those against whom there had been criminal charges.

Possible political reasons to wreck the Punjab accord are also not being ruled out. The Home Ministry, however, would not like to jump to any conclusion till authentic information is available. In the meanwhile, the Government is determined to fight violence and to take all steps possible to meet the threat posed by the votaries of violence or others to the maintenance of law and order.





Article extracted from this publication >>  August 23, 1985