NEW DELHI, India, March 5, Reuter; A bodyguard oiled an attempt by Gurkha militants to assassinate an Indian state government minister in an ambush in the tea growing area of Darjeeling on Saturday, the Press Trust of India reported.

PTI said the guard shot dead ‘one of the militants while repulsing the attack on Tamang Dawa Lama, a Regional Affairs Minister in India’s Eastern state of West Bengal late this evening.

The militants fighting for a separate homeland in India opened fire on the convoy from close range when it was returning to Darjeeling with the Minister after he had addressed a public meeting, PTI said.

Three other militants have died since Friday evening in separate incidents across Darjeeling district, where they attacked two police stations, set ablaze government buildings and exploded bombs.

Nearly 150 people have died in the district in the past 23 months of agitation.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 11, 1988