CHANDIGARH India: The residents of border areas of Punjab, are to be issued identity cards according to a directive issued recently, understood to have asked the State government to implement the identity card scheme which is already in operation in some other border states including Rajasthan. Accordingly, Punjab government has formed a high level committee to form ground rules for the scheme. The committee comprises Chief Secretary Additional Chief Secretary, and Ribeiro, Director General of Police and Secretary Internal Security. The scheme is aimed at checking infiltrations and smuggling from across the border. Under the scheme which was originally muted last year, identity cards were supposed to be issued to the people who had lived for a specified minimum period within the five km border belt of the state. After examining the proposals, the Punjab government pointed to the Center, the various practical problems which were likely to be faced in operating the scheme in the situation prevailing in the state. Some of the points related to the migrant laborer who visited the State every rabbi season for short periods. These laborers also work in the border belt.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 26, 1988