LONDON Reuter; Making money out of the demand for Wimbledon tickets is no longer the sole preserve Of seasoned black marketers — schoolchildren, some as young as 13, are operating a moneymaking scheme of their own.

The youngsters buy tickets from fans leaving the center court in the late afternoon and resell them —at a higher price — to others still queuing outside the grounds of the All England Club.

The tickets should be put into special collecting boxes and resold for charity.

Police said on Thursday they had caught the young touts trying to beat the system. A 13yearold was found to have tickets and 46 pounds sterling cash on him. Ten tickets were confiscated.

‘The youngsters have been cautioned but not charged because reselling tickets is not illegal. A police spokesman said: “We had several complaints from people who were being pestered by these kids”.

Police also warmed people against buying from the regular black market ticket sellers who have operated at ‘Wimbledon for years.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland: The International Olympic committee (IOC) urged sports bodies on Tuesday to do more to isolate South Africa totally until it abolishes its apartheid policy of racial segregation.

IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch said that in particular international Federations administering individual sports should consider further action.

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