NEW DELHL India, Jan. 12, Reuter: One of the three Sikhs sentenced to hang for assassinating former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is “definitely off his rocker”, the Supreme Court was told on Tuesday.

One of the lawyers representing the Sikhs appealing against conviction told the court that Satwant Singh, Gandhi’s former bodyguard who was shot after gunning down the Indian leader in her garden in October, 1984, was now insane and when spoken to pretended to be talking through an intercom.

Singh still had a bullet lodged near his spine that was causing considerable pain, said advocate Ram Jethmalini.

Outside the court, where strict security was in force for the hearing, another Defense Lawyer, RS. Sondhi said two years of solitary confinement had contributed to 24yearold Singh’s poor mental State.

The appeals of Satwant Singh and two others sentenced to death for conspiring to murder Gandhi, Kehar Snigh and Balbir Singh, were adjourned until January 27.

If they lose in the Supreme Court, their last avenue is an appeal to the Indian President Ramaswamy Venkataraman.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 15, 1988