AMRITSAR, India: Akal Takht acting Jathedar, bachan Singh Manochahal has convened a Sarbat Khalsa convention on January 26th. This was announced by his representative Ajaib Singh at a press conference.

This fact is being interpreted by newspapers as part of an understanding reached between Sikh organizations to pave the way for Mr. Darshan Singh to take the charge of the Takht Jathedar.

His appointment was announced by S.G.P.C. last month. This will be 4th Sarbat Khalsa Convention after the S.G.P.C. handed over Kar Sewa of Akal Takht to Damdami Taksal in Jan. 1986.

The first was called on Jan. 26 and second was on April 13th and third on Nov. 4th, meanwhile, A..S.S.F. convener Gurjit Singh today announced the reorganization of A.LS.S.F. He was present along with Ajaib Singh at the Press Conference. In the dual set up Manjit Singh detained at Jodhpur arrested during Operation Bluestar has been made president and Gurjit Singh senior vice-president. Till the release of Manjit Singh, younger brother of Amrik Singh, who headed A.LS.S.F. till Operation Blue Star Gurjit Singh would remain acting President.

The existing committee of A.IS.S.F. stands dissolved. Guyjit Singh also announced expulsion from the primary membership of A.LS.S.F. of Mr. Harinder Singh Sandhu, Rajinder Singh Mehta, Amarjit Singh Chawla, Harinder Singh Khalon, Virsa Singh Voltoha, all of them are in Jodhpur jail and were part of the other faction of the A.I.S.S.F. called the presidium. The expelled members have been called traitors and thus punisked for their antiparty activities. They have also been dubbed as agents of the Centre who stabbed the federation in the back.

Gurjit Singh also announced a four member advisory committee which has on it Mohkam Singh now under detention, Ajaib Singh a spokesman of Damdami Taksal, Malkiat Singh and Surjit Singh.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 23, 1987